TMT First brings you our top fitness apps.

Whether you’re looking to loose weight, tone up or just keep busy, fitness apps can be a brilliant addition to your workout.

Using apps like the ones below can help track your progress and dieting habits as well as give professional advice to help you achieve your goals.

There are currently over 37,000 health and fitness apps, these cover a range of activities from yoga and weightlifting to hula hooping and simple stretches. Some apps are also designed specifically for your fitness level, with easier workouts for beginners and harder ones for fitness buffs and others for target areas like abs, arms and legs.

We have done our research and would like to share with you our top fitness apps to keep you happy and healthy at home.

Sworkit Fitness – Workouts & Exercise Plans App

Sworkit is an app designed for beginners. It is filled with workouts and exercises that help you to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, improve your flexibility, and level-up your endurance. The app also links with their Spotify playlists, providing upbeat music for your workout.

The beauty of Sworkit is that you choose the workouts that are best for you. You can choose your workout type such as yoga, cardio and strength and also set up your fitness goals to help you keep track and keep motivated. By customising your workout length, you can ensure that you’re never pushing yourself too far!

Fitness App
Fitness App

With a countdown timer, an instructional video on screen as well as a voice over explanation for each move, Sworkit makes your workouts easy to follow and ensures you are doing your moves correctly and progressing towards your fitness goals safely.

Sworkit allows integrates with Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and Strava allowing you to save workouts and keep track of the calories you are burning.

And to top it all off, Sworkit offers a completely free kids workout library, helping you to keep your children fit and active.

Sworkit is free to download, however workouts do require an active subscription past the 7-day trial period, giving you chance to test the app out and see if it works for you.

Download from the Play Store here.

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

Fitness App
Fitness App

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge app allows you to target your chosen areas and work towards your personal goals using their specifically chosen workouts and plans whilst also syncing up to your Google Fit.

The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout is designed by a professional fitness coach and scientifically proven to help improve fitness and health.

Keeping you active on a daily basis, this app gradually increases intensity, allowing you to keep up easily while progressing towards your goals. It also gives you the option to choose your difficulty, from beginner to pro.

Its features include;
– Records training progress automatically
– Reminds you to workout every day
– Detailed video guides
– Increases exercise intensity step by step
– 30 day abs challenge
– 30 day full body challenge
– 30 day butt challenge
– Share with your friends on social media

Download from the Play store here. And what’s more, is that it is completely free!

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

Fitness App

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, her SWEAT fitness app has more than 650 at home workouts so it is sure to keep you busy and help you to stay fit.

Not only does Kayla feature heavily within this app, but personal trainers Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Stephanie Sanzo and Sjana Elise Earp have also added content. With its woman run content, this app and its fitness plans are geared towards women, but that’s not to say that men can’t use it too.

SWEAT comes with so many features it’s a dream when it comes to fitness content.

Fitness App

SWEAT features:
Fitness Tracker – Workout & Fitness Planning:
• Planner that makes it easy to schedule your weekly workouts
• Workout with easy-to-follow exercises in resistance, challenge, cool down, rehabilitation and cardio
• Targeted workouts, new fitness challenges and audio cues now included.
• Gym-based workouts, including weight-training programs.

Hundreds of Recipes & Nutrition Education:
• Menus and recipes to suit multiple preferences.
• Recipes for standard, vegetarian, pescatarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian and vegan preferences.

Tracking & Fitness Motivation:
• Track weekly progress
• Share photos from your workouts with friends and the SWEAT community to stay motivated
• Participate in global women’s fitness challenges
Education & Motivation:
• Over 300 pages of educational content covering fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

The app is free to download and a free trial period is given to new customers, however continued usage does require a subscription.

Download the app here.

Workout Trainer: fitness coach

Fitness App

Workour Trainer: fitness coach has thousands of free workouts and custom training programs led by expert coaches, giving you the assurance that each plan you do is built with the end goal in mind.

The certified trainers guide you through every exercise with timed step-by-step audio, photo, and video instruction creating easy to use programmes even for beginners. If you’re more of a fitness buff, you can up to difficulty setting to support your needs.

Fitness App

The apps comes with heart rate feedback & detailed workout performance analysis so not only can you feel your progression but you can see it too, giving you a great boost in confidence.

And if you need a little extra push, you can hire one of their coaches for a 1:1 personal training session, all without having to leave your home!

This app comes with over 100 free training programmes and weekly PRO-only workouts, PRO-only forums, and advanced heart rate analysis for their paid PRO+ members.

Download the app here.

Pregnancy Exercise and workout at home

Fitness App
Fitness App

This app is designed for pregnant women, allowing you to keep fit and healthy whilst also looking after your little one.

Packed full of tips and tricks for working out safely, this app includes different workout plans for each trimester and various stages of pregnancy, ensuring that you are only doing what is best for you and your baby.

This app also tracks your pregnancy and gives the user information about what to expect throughout. If you are looking to start a family but are not yet pregnant, you can also find numerous fertility & ovulation facts to help you begin your journey, making this the one stop shop for pregnancy knowledge and fitness.


-Track your pregnancy progress and due date
-Follow exercises for each week in every trimester to stay in healthy shape
-Tips to get involved in each exercise safely for baby development
-High quality animations, pictures and descriptions for each exercise
-Valuable information for each week of every trimester
-Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home is available for free

Download the app here.

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