Battery Life

How can I extend the battery life of my smartphone?

It’s become accepted that our phones no longer last a week on a full charge, we charge them each night ready for the following day.
Over time it may feel like the battery life of your phone starts to get worse and it no longer lasts the day.

What can you do to extend your battery life?
Here are some tips to help you maintain your battery life.

If the following doesn’t help or you would like some hands on support, arrange your repair online today.

How to extend your battery life

Change your display/screen settings

Having a long screen time-out setting or keeping your screen on a high brightness setting can substantially increase power consumption and reduce the battery life.
Reducing the screen time-out and changing the screen brightness setting will help your battery last longer.

Power saving mode

Running out of battery and not got access to a charger? Your smartphone has a ‘Power Saving Mode’ which depending on your device will change settings such as brightness and close non-critical apps to significantly extend the life of your battery. Once you have access to a charger, you will be able turn power saving mode off and start using the full potential of your phone again.

Latest firmware/software

Make sure you have the latest software update available for your device, these updates could include fixes for battery draining bug or increase efficiency of the operating system or apps that will help extend battery life.

Click here to view steps showing you how to update the software on your device.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS if you don’t need them, as each regularly checks for a signal which uses power.
You can switch each of these off by pulling down the drop down menu and tapping the relevant icon.