Phone Screen Repairs

How can I get my cracked screen repaired?

Cracked screen, it happens to the best of us. Making a call as you’re rushing to get the bus or train… Showing someone a video or just trying to snap that perfect moment… The phone slips and hits the ground. You pick it up and the screen is smashed.

Even though your Samsung warranty does not cover the repair costs for a cracked screen, having this fixed by our experienced technicians means that all the work completed passes our high quality standards and we only use genuine Samsung parts and manufacturer approved tools.

Repairing your cracked screen with TMT First also ensures water and dust resistant devices retain their resistance, unlike other repairers who may not use the approved tools.

As we are an authorised Samsung repair partner, every repair is logged on Samsung’s official global device management platform so the remaining balance of your 24 month Samsung warranty will be reinstated.

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Where can I get my cracked screen repaired?

You can arrange a repair online by selecting the model/device on our website. We will send you a free Royal Mail shipment label so you can post your device to our repair centre.

As soon as we have received your device, we will perform some checks and provide you with a repair quote.

How much will it cost to repair my screen?

All common repair prices can be found here.

If your device is not listed please contact us and we will happily provide you with a price.

What does my Samsung warranty cover?

Your device may be under Samsung warranty if it’s:

  • Less than 2 years old
  • No liquid damage
  • Not smashed
  • Has no other physical damage
  • Has not been tampered with, rooted or software manipulated

If your device is within the warranty period and has no physical damage, it could be repaired completely free of charge.

For more information about your Samsung warranty click here.

Other Samsung products

We provide repairs for smartphone, tablet and wearable devices, for all other product repairs please visit Samsung support.