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TMT First Puts Our Planet First

Our Planet First is our environmentally friendly way to keep electronic waste at a minimum whilst also giving back to you, our customers.

Join us at TMT First to put Our Planet First and save £5 on your order over £150 and we will donate £5 to a planet friendly charity.

In such a fast moving world with new technologies coming out year on year, we can guarantee that each of us has at least one dusty, old device shut away in that drawer of random things in your kitchen. While it is always exciting to turn on that box fresh phone, tablet or wearable for the first time, we must think of those fallen heroes who stuck with us through thick and thin and even helped to place that last minute order when you realised you forgot your anniversary – again. Fortunately, these unsung heroes can now live on in many ways, and this is where we come in.

With global electronic waste expected to reach 52.2 million metric tonnes by 2021, we do our part to put Our Planet First and save your Samsung devices from adding to the harrowing statistic.

As the official Samsung repair partner, we repair Samsung devices with almost any fault, using genuine Samsung parts to ensure that the device lasts longer, preventing it from going to landfill as well as saving your bank balance from the purchase of a brand new device.

You can arrange a repair online. 

Without the implementation of repair, reuse, recycle in all walks of life our planet and its inhabitants will suffer. With 15% of all e-waste being incinerated, illegally traded or treated in another sub-standard way and the remaining 85% ending up in landfills, equalling 70% of overall toxic waste, this causes major concern for all living things. Toxic materials from these discarded electronic devices are released into bodies of water, groundwater, soil and air which in turn affects everything around us from animal habitats, the food and drink that we consume to the air that we breath. So, you can see why we believe in the importance of repair, reuse, recycle.

Join us at TMT First to put Our Planet First and save £5 on your order over £150 our website.

By using the code OurPlanetFirst on the checkout page; you will receive a £5 discount on your order* AND we will donate £5 to this year’s chosen planet friendly charity, meaning that not only are you saving your devices from a landfill but also allowing us to give to those who implement projects to protect and put our planet first!

For more information, head on over to to the Our Planet First page of our website.

*Orders over £150

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How can TMT First help you to put Our Planet First?

We Repair

We service Samsung mobiles, tablets and wearables.

We Restore

We return all products to a fully functioning, factory reset condition. 

We Recycle

We ethically dispose of waste with full traceability.

We Replace

We supply replacement devices when repair is not viable. 

We Put Our Planet First

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Join us in making a difference …

For every £150 spent online on repairs

£5 donated to Ecologi

When the coupon code below is used. £5 from each sale will be donated to Ecologi, who on our behalf will plant 40 trees across the globe.

£5 discount

Using the code below will entitle you to £5 discount on any online order over £150. Offer available on Meelie and Samsung Repairs. 

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