Repairing Technology

Repairing Technology & The Impact On The Environment

Climate change is now at the forefront of everything we do and the aim is to drive down the effects of this increasing problem on our planet. This blog outlines some of the issues caused by buying new technology and how repairing technology can reduce the impact on the environment.

What are the issues caused by buying new technology?

Smartphones and tablets are just some of the items of technology that are made up of parts which harm the environment when they are extracted. Mining these rare-earth metals gives off harmful emissions which is toxic to animal and plant life. It could also have serious health implications for people.

Sometimes when new technology is released, it can often lead to old devices becoming out of date. This means that a lot of old devices end up in the bin and contribute to the e-waste crisis. E-waste leads to significant environmental damage because the toxic liquids and gases leak into the ground and atmosphere, spreading poison into the environment.

Evidence shows that every year the volume of waste is increasing and there are no signs of this dropping.

How does repairing technology reduce the impact on the environment?

There are a few ways to reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment. Repairing is the most preferable approach but there are also things we can do, to try and prevent waste in the first place. This can include additional quality control.

TMT First can repair almost any Samsung smartphone, tablet or wearable device. Once the device has been repaired, you will be able to use the product again without having to replace it. This not only saves you money, but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Some of us may think that buying a new device is easier, however here at TMT First we can ensure that our repair process makes things so simple and it is very easy to arrange a repair online, you will also receive a high standard of support throughout the repair process. Plus we only use genuine Samsung parts and approved tools.

What is TMT First doing to combat the issue of sustainability?

At TMT First, we have a core business ethos of reuse by repairing smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. Our aim is to prevent older devices from becoming obsolete by prolonging their life. We repair a large range of Samsung models, so you don’t have to replace them by buying new products , which would have a negative impact on the environment.

Our repair services are available online for smaller repair enquiries, but we also have a business support team that can help with larger quantities of repairs.

Recently, we have also set up ‘Our Planet First’ initiative and have partnered with Ecologi. Every time the coupon code ‘OurPlanetFirst’ is used at checkout, you will receive £5 discount of your repair and we will donate £5 to Ecologi. Ecologi will then on our behalf plant 40 trees across the globe. You can read more about how to get involved here.

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