Samsung Mobile Phone Broken

Samsung Mobile Phone broken – Now What?

Do you own a Samsung mobile phone that could do with a repair, but you keep putting it off, because of the inconvenience of being without your phone for a while?

According to a recent report, around 40% of us are walking around with a broken smartphone in our hands.  The main reason is that we would simply be lost without our trusted devices which we’ve come to rely on daily. We consider owning a broken phone a nuisance but sometimes simply put up with it in the erroneous belief that it will cost too much to have it repaired.  This, even though most of today’s mobile phones will have set us back at least a few hundred pounds at the time of purchase.

In addition, we probably would not think that we are running the risk of further damage with particles or moisture entering our phone, especially in the case of a cracked housing or screen.

Today’s phones are sealed units purposefully protecting the delicate components contained within. Water ingress in particular can cause the electrical components, such as the motherboard to short out, and thereby causing the potential loss of all our personal data. 

Then there is the possibility of rust occurring.  Drying the phone on the radiator or simply putting it in rice might not dry the phone sufficiently and rust could form on various elements inside the housing.

What you need to avoid above all else is your phone getting beyond the point of repair.

So, what do you do? Where do you go? 

High Street repair shops are appealing and probably one of the first places you think about going to have your mobile phone fixed.  However, you need to consider that some of the replacement components might not be genuine Samsung parts and then there is the myth surrounding the fact that non-genuine Samsung parts are cheaper, which is simply not true.

Two factors go into a phone repair – The Quality of the parts that are used and the Quality of the technician who carries out the work.  Both of these are largely lacking in the common High Street shops.

We at TMT First believe that repair parts need to be of the highest quality and the repair carried out should come with a guarantee, too.

At our Samsung Support centre here in Newcastle-under-Lyme our Samsung-trained Technicians are highly qualified and we only use genuine Samsung parts. On top of that, we also offer free initial health checks.  That way you can be assured that any faults are spotted and a repair only has to be carried out once.  We also offer same-day repairs and often repairs can be carried out while you wait. Alternatively, you can use our Postal Repair Service. 

Another great advantage, which we can offer compared with high-street mobile phone repair shops is the reinstatement of the Samsung warranty or 90 days TMT warranty if the device is out of warranty with Samsung.  For your convenience, there is free car parking on-site, too. So you can rest at ease in the safe knowledge that your phone is in very capable hands with us – guaranteed!