Adam Whitehouse outside TMT First building

TMT First Creating More Job Opportunities After Winning Additional Repair Contracts

We are proud to announce the creation of an additional 15 job openings after winning new repair contracts to further expand our Newcastle-under-Lyme repair operation. Experienced Apple repair technicians are especially in demand.

As some of you may know, TMT First have recently heavily invested into expanding our existing high-tech repair facility, which can house over 100 skilled mobile technicians and associated service and support staff. The newly won contracts will also add other premium technology brands to our repair portfolio. Last year alone, TMT First managed to add an additional 50 staff to the rapidly growing business.

“TMT First are excited to offer newly created job roles, such as experienced mobile technology technicians, to locally sourced talent at a time when our local economy really needs some positive news and growth opportunities for the hard-working people of Staffordshire” Adam Whitehouse, TMT First CEO.

For those who are interested in applying for these newly created roles please visit

As well as helping the local economy, TMT First are also committed to environmental issues in putting our planet first.  The more devices we can repair and give a second or extended life to, the greater our impact on preventing the worldwide problem of electronic waste.