Tree Planting With Ecologi

Working with Ecologi to put ‘Our Planet First’

We have some really exciting news and delighted to announce that we have partnered with the team at Ecologi. With the help of you (our amazing customers!) we will support their tremendous work to fight climate projects and plant as many trees as we can.

Who are Ecologi?

An amazing company with an awesome vision!

The organisation works on various projects worldwide to help to combat climate change. You can find out further information on two of their initiatives below.

Tree Planting

Ecologi work with ‘The Eden Reforestation Project’ as their tree planting partner to plant millions of trees around the globe.

The infographic below highlights the importance of trees and why it is crucial that trees are re-planted to prevent ecological collapse.

Tree Planting

Carbon Offsetting

Ecologi also invest money into other projects that remove greenhouse gasses. Each month they select the best CO2 reduction projects with Gold Standard Certification.

How to get involved with tree planting?

By using the code ‘OurPlanetFirst’ on the checkout page; you will receive a £5 discount on your repair order* AND we will donate £5 to Ecologi, who will on our behalf, plant 40 trees across the globe. This means that not only are you saving your device from a landfill but also allowing us to give to those who implement projects to protect and put Our Planet First!

*Repair orders over £150.

How can I see how many trees TMT First has planted?

You can keep up to date on our tree planting progress by visiting our virtual forest. When you click on any of the trees in our forest, you will be able to view the individual tree number, and find out what type of tree was planted and which project it belongs to.

The total number of trees planted so far can also be viewed below via the tree counter!

We plant trees with Ecologi