Data Wipe

100% Secure Data Erasure

100% Secure Data Erasure

Our data wipe solution ensures that confidential information is completely erased from the memory of smartphones and tablets. 

Efficient Data Wipe Turnaround

Efficient Data Wipe Turnaround

Using this service means that you can rest assured that no sensitive data will end up in the wrong hands, enabling safe disposal, reuse or resale of the device. 

Our Data Wipe solution securely removes data from:

Microsoft Windows


Blackberry OS & 10


TMT First delivers a complete logistics and value added service package.

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We customise devices to improve the out of the box experience. Everything we do is tailor made. 

Offering Samsung authorised repairs for large volumes of devices for businesses.

TMT undertake 52 quality inspection checks to ensure high quality devices.

Secure removal  of all data from the device to meet GDPR regulations and standards. 

Removal of discolouration or ghosting of a previous image on a mobile phone display. 

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