Quality Control

Repairs for SMES

52 Point Quality Inspection Points

TMT First undertake 52 quality inspection checks. Our quality checks can be extended to meet re-kitting and software configuration requirements. 


Highly Experienced Engineers

Our highly skilled engineers have great attention to detail and possess skill in handling large volumes to tight customer deadlines. TMT’s quality control expertise also improves the service our retailer client provider to their own customers. 

How our grading works?

  • No scratches on the screen 
  • No scratches on the bezel 
  • No scratches on the back 
  • No gaps around the screen 
  • No gaps around the back glass
  • No glue under the screen 
  • No glue under the back glass
  • No defect under the screen 
  • No defect on the back glass
  • No lifting screen 
  • No lifting back glass
  • No clicking screen 
  • No clicking back glass
  • Bluetooth 
  • WiFi
  • Speakers
  • Vibration
  • Screen
  • Pixel test
  • Cellular
  • Light sensor
  • Fingerprint 
  • TSP Hovering 
  • Reactivation 
  • SPen *for Note Series
  • Gesture
  • Orientation sensor 
  • Proximity sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Microphone 
  • Sleep test
  • Camera flash test 
  • Low frequency test
  • Spen Hovering *for Note Series
  • HRM sensor 
  • Google lock 
  • LED test
  • Grip sensor
  • Earpiece
  • NFC test 
  • Root test 
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Orientation test
  • Knox test 
  • GPS 
  • Camera
  • Hardware keys 
  • Backlight
  • Battery 
  • Gyroscope sensors
  • Gravity sensor 
  • Pressure sensor

Quality Inspections

Insurance Grading

Trader Grading

Fault Diagnostics

Stock Quantification

TMT First delivers a complete logistics and value added service package.

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We customise devices to improve the out of the box experience. Everything we do is tailor made. 

Offering Samsung authorised repairs for large volumes of devices for businesses.

TMT undertake 52 quality inspection checks to ensure high quality devices.

Secure removal  of all data from the device to meet GDPR regulations and standards. 

Removal of discolouration or ghosting of a previous image on a mobile phone display. 

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