• Competitive Pricing
  • Customise Handsets
  • No Volume Limits

Device Configuration

Customise Handsets

Everything we do is tailor made to our customer's requirements. Our focus is quality, efficiency and competitive pricing.

Asset Recovery

TMT First have a proven track record of creating solutions to any problem. You can count on us to transform redundant stock into revenue making opportunities.

Software Configuration

We can complete software upgrades and worldwide regional language set up for all device manufacturers.

Why Work With TMT First?

  • TMT first maximises asset recovery on customers' returned stock. Using our efficient processes, in a matter of days our customers' redundant stock is transformed into revenue-making opportunities.
  • We also customise handsets to improve the 'out of the box' experience. Everything we do is tailor made to our customer's requirements.
  • Handsets are set up ready to use, increasing customer loyalty and reducing calls to helplines. This leads to happy customers and lower operational costs.
  • Our prices are competitive, which is why we count leading organisations in the industry amongst our regular customers.
  • There is no volume limit. We can handle large volumes of devices, maintain our high quality standards and meet the toughest of deadlines.
  • Our experience has ensured that our in house processes and quality management systems are designed to both maximise efficiencies and meet customers expectations.

Some Of Our Customers

TMT First Also Offers

Large volume repairs or individual device repairs.

Our solution ensures that confidential information is completely erased.

TMT undertake 52 quality inspection checks, including cosmetic checks.

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