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Working From Home Tips

Working From Home Tips Whether you are adjusting to a temporary work from home situation or joining the mobile workforce for the long term, below are some working from home tips to help keep you productive, motivated and mentally healthy! Stick to a Routine Do not let the lines between work and personal time cross …

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Battery Life

It’s become accepted that our phones no longer last a week on a full charge, we charge them each night ready for the following day.Over time it may feel like the battery life of your phone starts to get worse and it no longer lasts the day. What can you do to extend your battery …

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Phone Screen Repairs

Cracked screen, it happens to the best of us. Making a call as you’re rushing to get the bus or train… Showing someone a video or just trying to snap that perfect moment… The phone slips and hits the ground. You pick it up and the screen is smashed. Even though your Samsung warranty does …

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