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Samsung Smartphone Repairs

At TMT First we are a Samsung Accredited Service Centre – helping to keep your smartphones alive for longer.

For both in and out of warranty repairs, don’t take any chances with your Samsung smartphone. At TMT First our highly trained technicians only use genuine Samsung parts and are trained to repair all Samsung smartphones.

From 1 unit to 1,000, our highly skilled device technicians are accredited by Samsung to repair Mobile Phones, Wearables, Tablets and Laptops. We work with networks, insurers, resellers, retailers, enterprises and the emergency services. We are experts in Samsung smartphone repairs.

Got a Samsung Galaxy Flip or Fold? Let the TMT First experts look after your device. Plus we are authorised to fit replacement Screen Protectors, which preserve your Flip or Fold warranty and keep your device looking like new. We also do component level repairs which can significantly reduce out of warranty costs.

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At TMT First we reduce your bill by reducing the number of components used to repair your smartphone. Better for you and the planet.

Screen Only Repair

Samsung Galaxy smartphone - Display replacement

We would replace the following parts:

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Screen, Frame and Battery Repair

Samsung Galaxy smartphone - Display unit replacement

We would replace the following parts:

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We’re not only committed to developing a more cost-effective way of enabling you to repair more smartphones, but we also ensure that when you choose TMT First, you’re able to select the most sustainable option.

Screen Burn Reduction

Effective Solutions Without Display Replacement

Screen burn can ruin an otherwise flawless phone, rendering the device nearly unsellable. But fear not, there are ways to tackle screen burn without resorting to costly display replacements.

Repairing Screen Burn
While the only fool proof method to eliminate screen burn is display replacement, there’s hope. Technicians at TMT First employ sophisticated software to reconfigure display pixels, significantly reducing screen burn at a fraction of the cost of a new display. As a Samsung Accredited Service Centre, we cover most models of phone.

If your device is plagued by screen burn, don’t endure it any longer. Contact the expert team at TMT First for efficient repair solutions that restore your device back to its former glory. You’re in safe hands.

Understanding Screen Burn
Screen burn manifests as discolouration, ghosting, or loss of brightness and colour intensity on a display, primarily affecting OLED displays. It occurs when worn-out pixels emit excessive light over prolonged periods, becoming more prevalent as devices age, typically after 2+ years of heavy use.

Root Causes of Screen Burn
Device displays comprise pixels emitting light, with red, green, and blue sub-pixels having varying lifespans. Certain display areas, like menu buttons and status bars, undergo minimal change, causing them to age faster than others. This discrepancy in ageing rates leads to screen burn.

Prevention Strategies
While technological advancement is extending display lifespans, screen burn remains a concern, particularly in older devices. However, we are also expecting our devices to last longer (up to 8 years). As a result, screen burn will continue to be an issue, especially in older devices. To preserve display longevity, consider these tips:

Screenburn Calibration
Screenburn Calibration

Brightness Control

Avoid setting your screen to maximum brightness.

Wallpaper Selection

Opt for dark wallpapers and change them regularly to prevent static image exposure.

Screen Timeout

Ensure your screen turns off when not in use to minimize prolonged exposure.

Icon Rotation

Periodically rearrange on-screen icons, widgets, and apps to distribute usage evenly across the display.

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Dedicated Account Management

Providing excellent customer service is at the core of what we do. That’s why when you work with us you will get a dedicated Account Manager, so you have one point of contact at all times.

Free Collection & Returns

Let us take care of the collection and return of devices, giving you complete peace of mind.

Service Level Agreements

All our repairs are performed under service level agreements (SLA’s) which set out the timescales and responsibilities agreed between us and our clients.

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