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Samsung Foldable Device Repairs

Samsung foldable device repairs help to keep your technology alive for longer and we’re passionate about extending the lifecycle of your Samsung flip and fold smartphones.

We are proud to be an official Samsung partner, but we don’t stop there.

We carry out flip and fold repairs in the most sustainable and cost-effective way from our onsite repair centre in Staffordshire.  We repair foldable devices for businesses operating in many different sectors, saving them money, frustration, and valuable time.

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Different components create different levels of e-waste and of course the less components that are replaced, the better it is for the planet and for your pocket.

So, if the cost per repair is a barrier to fixing the devices in your business, we can save you up to £80 per repair! We provide you with two options:

Screen Only Repair

Samsung Galaxy ZFlip - Display replacement

We would replace the following parts:

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Screen, Frame and Battery Repair

Samsung Galaxy ZFlip - Display unit replacement

We would replace the following parts:

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We will find the best option for you!

We’re not only committed to developing a more cost-effective way of enabling you to repair more smartphones, but we also ensure that when you choose TMT First, you’re able to select the most sustainable option.

Why work with TMT?

Dedicated Account Management

Providing excellent customer service is at the core of what we do. That’s why when you work with us you will get a dedicated Account Manager, so you have one point of contact at all times.

Free Collection & Returns

Let us take care of the collection and return of devices, giving you complete peace of mind.

Service Level Agreements

All our repairs are performed under service level agreements (SLA’s) which set out the timescales and responsibilities agreed between us and our clients.

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