We are a trusted provider of technology lifecycle services who provide innovative solutions for the circular economy.

Through our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer service excellence, we strive to be the UK’s most trusted and respected company providing technology lifecycle services.

Keeping technology alive for longer

What We Do

Mobile Device Repairs

We are an approved Samsung Partner and an Apple Independent Repair Provider and repair, refurbish, and recycle devices to build a more sustainable future for technology. Every year we process around 250,000 products including phones, wearables, tablets, accessories and laptops.

Quality Control and Grading

All our device repairs undergo stringent quality control, not just once but twice, through our inbound and outbound teams. They carry out an extensive 52-point quality inspection to ensure software configuration requirements are fully met.

Secure Data Wipe and Destruction

All data and confidential information from smartphones, tablets and laptops is permanently wiped with our 100% secure service. Our in-house shredding service also means we can physically destroy devices on site.

Buyback and Trade In

We buy and sell new, refurbished, and various graded devices across all operating systems, makes and models. All smartphones come with a 2 year warranty and next day delivery as standard.

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We’re working to build a better and more sustainable world for technology devices.

We are committed to playing our part to build a more sustainable mobile industry, which is responsible for an estimated 1% of all CO2 emissions globally releasing 580 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

Keeping technology alive for longer is vital as approximately 80% of a mobile phone’s CO2 emissions come from its manufacture, not its subsequent use. Therefore, extending the life of devices, rather than replacing them has huge environmental benefits. As well as reducing CO2 emissions, we are also offsetting.

Through our partnership with Ecologi – we plant a tree for every device we repair. To date we have planted more than 25,000 trees and have offset more than 160 tonnes of CO2 and those figures are growing all the time. We have also committed to planting a total of 1 million trees by 2032 by signing up to the million-tree pledge.