Tablet Repairs
Tablet Repairs

Secure Data Wipe

Data security is always our highest priority.

We take it extremely seriously and make sure the necessary steps are taken to ensure that all data and memory are wiped from your devices.

Whether the devices are smartphones, foldable devices, wearables or laptops, our data security measures are consistent across all types.  We also make sure that all GDPR regulations and security standards are met.

As soon as a device is wiped we inform each customer that this action has been taken.

From our onsite repair centre in Staffordshire, we process around 250,000 products and repair devices for businesses operating in many different sectors, saving them money, frustration, and valuable time.

We’re an authorised Samsung partner and an Independent Apple Repair Provider using highly skilled and trained technicians to carry out a wide range of repairs.

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Why work with TMT?

Dedicated Account Management

Providing excellent customer service is at the core of what we do. That’s why when you work with us you will get a dedicated Account Manager, so you have one point of contact at all times.

Free Collection & Returns

Let us take care of the collection and return of devices, giving you complete peace of mind.

Service Level Agreements

All our repairs are performed under service level agreements (SLA’s) which set out the timescales and responsibilities agreed between us and our clients.