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Case Studies

Mobile Phone Manufacturer: Sony

The problem: a new mobile phone is launched and the demand in the UK is outstripping supply. Manufacturing production is at capacity, so there is no easy solution to increase supply. However, there is stock available in other countries but it has the wrong charger, literature and software settings.

The TMT First Solution: 10,000 phones are shipped to our HQ in the heart of the UK. The phones are unpacked, flashed with UK software settings and repacked with the correct chargers and literature. They are then security sealed. Finally we update all of the phone records on the manufacturer database. We deliver the stock in pristine condition into three UK network Distribution Centres, all in 48 hrs.


Large UK retailer: Carphone Warehouse

The Problem: with 100’s of stores and1000’s of phone returns per week, dealing with the resulting hardware mountain is messy and time consuming. To fully check a mobile phone requires skilled staff and advanced systems to diagnose faults, data-wipe devices and check packaging and components.

The Solution: TMT First built the systems and processes to handle up to 70,000 devices per month. Filters and routing were applied allowing ‘as-new’ phones to be put back onto the shelves; while cosmetically graded phones were sorted and categorised to achieve maximum value in worldwide markets. Faulty units were accurately diagnosed in readiness for return to manufacturer or supplier for repair or replacement.


Mobile Network: Virgin Mobile

The Problem: Virgin mobile wished to install an application onto a range of mobile phones. The App would help customers monitor phone usage (data and minutes) and monitor the device to diagnose potential issues for Virgin Mobile. Virgin wanted to ensure even though the application was to be installed after the phone had been manufactured, the full start up experience of the device was exactly as it should be fresh out of the box.

The Solution: The TMT First ‘Tech Team’ custom built a solution that embedded the application onto the device while preserving the out of the box experience.


Insurance Company: Lifestyle Services Group

The Problem: LSG, now known as Assurant are one of the world’s leading insurers and administrators of mobile phone and consumer technology products. With a high demand for quality pre-owned devices and the need to direct ship throughout the UK, LSG required a partner who could offer device quality control and fulfilment services.

The Solution: TMT First has built a whole business unit around Assurant, providing full QC for devices, disposal and product sourcing solutions and direct fulfilment for their UK customer base, all from our HQ in Staffordshire.