• ADISA Accredited
  • 100% Secure Data Erasure
  • GSMA Integration

Data Wipe

100% Secure Data Erasure

Our data wipe solution ensures that confidential information is completely erased from the memory of smartphones and tablets.

Efficient Data Wipe Turnaround

Using this service means that you can rest assured that no sensitive data will end up in the wrong hands, enabling safe disposal, reuse or resale of the device.

Why Work With TMT First?

  • ADISA accredited partner. The accreditation gives you confidence that our data disposal process meets all requirements and best practices.
  • Lost/stolen check via GSMA.
  • We are able to wipe large volumes of devices efficiently with a quick turnaround.
  • 100% secure data erasure to ensure security standards are met (GDPR compliant).
  • Audit trail for each processed device.

Our Data Wipe Solution Securely Removes Data From :

  • IOS
  • Blackberry OS & 10
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows

Some Of Our Customers

TMT First Also Offers

Tailor made to our customer’s requirements.

TMT undertake 52 quality inspection checks, including cosmetic checks.

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